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My name is Mallorie.
I'm a 23 year-old living in New Jersey with with a bachelor of arts degree in film and a minimum wage job. I like lots of different things.
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people who think steve rogers is a boring character probably didn’t watch the same movies

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make me choose | phoebetonnkin asked: summer roberts or seth cohen

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Sun bathing pup.

Last weekend I drove to a place I had never driven to before and I saw a lot of things in my area that I had never seen before cause I never really got out before.

And it felt really good.

I just wanna travel. I wanna do a road trip. I wanna see something new. I wanna see all the things I’m missing out on.

Fitzsimmons + my emotions

If you aren’t watching this show you should for them.

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Clothing courtesy of Forever 21

Holy crud.

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I was gonna ask off for Free Comic Book Day, but when I went to request off it was already too late. But I got it off anyway! Ohmygosh. It’s so unbelievably rare for me to just get a Saturday off. I’m so happy, cause there’s this new comic shop I was looking to go to and they are having an anniversary sale the same day as FCB and there are so many awesome things happening. 


They are raffling off a Giant Sized X-Men #1. I’m taking this rare occurrence as sign that I might win it. I would cry. 


I had a nightmare that was so terrifying I had to make a video about it! This video is also a result of what coffee does to me. Also…ketchup sucks.

This video starts out in one place and ends in another completely different one. And the in between is impossible not to smile at. This crazy kid, you guys.