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My name is Mallorie.
I'm a 23 year-old living in New Jersey with with a bachelor of arts degree in film and a minimum wage job. I like lots of different things.
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It’s been 8 years since I last saw Hellogoodbye. And they are a completely different band now. But they played a few super oldies and it was the best. Great show :)


Louise Belcher: Queen of Sarcasm - S3xE01

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Why all white boys gotta look alike? They find one haircut to settle on to be cool and they all get it and then I can’t tell them apart.

Candy Hearts certainly left their mark all over The Space in CT. 😃#candyhearts

I drove all the way to CT with much ease. Though the GWB is scary. But I did it!!

Matthew (Matt) Lewis | ’The Rise’ Promotional Photoshoot [2013]

Matthew (Matt) Lewis | ’The Rise’ Promotional Photoshoot [2013]

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